Strengthening the capabilities and training curricula of conflict prevention and peace building personnel with ICT-based approaches and extensive stakeholder engagement will aggregate a comprehensive collection on the state-of-the-art in conflict
prevention and peace building (CPPB) training in Europe and of the EU.
Over the period of two years, the project aims to assess practices, efforts and
training needs of European actors.
The goal is to map out and connect stakeholders, to provide recommendations on best practices
as well as innovative information and communication technology approaches to training.

Assessing Existing Curricula

Comprehensive analysis of existing CPPB curricula, methods and stakeholders

Providing Better Knowledge

Thorough investigation of this complex field to provide an extensive knowledge base

Enhancing Novel Navigation

Navigation through new methods, course structures, e-approaches, tools and entities


And we will keep you op-to-date with our latest project news.

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