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The consortium is organizing a series of workshops in the coming months focusing on novel approaches, concepts, and methods in CPPB training. The workshops, both online and offline, are designed to introduce ideas and results, and especially to bring together practitioners in order to further develop these perspectives by working together with key actors in the field. If you are interested in participating in one of these workshops, please contact us via


How the Case of Northern Ireland can Inform Peace Training Workshop

October 12 2017
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Organiser: ICR

This event brings Northern Irish stakeholders together to discuss how the bottom-up and local approach to peace training can influence the development of peace training curricula.

This project builds on earlier findings to develop curricula that is sensitive to local contexts and includes partnering with local stakeholders. Through a discussion of what worked and did not work on the local level, we can use this knowledge to inform peace training.

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Conflict and peacebuilding training in Europe: Towards new approaches and synergies Workshop

November 13 2017
Brussels, Belgium
Organiser: KU Leuven

This workshop will consist of three working groups working on such key concepts as: how to train interagency cooperation and local ownership; training standards and trainer profiles; and e-learning systems including requirements and opportunities.

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Local Ownership and Interagency Coordination and Cooperation in Kosovo Workshop

October 9 2017
Prishtina, Kosovo
Organiser: KCSS

This event will be a one-day conference with 3-4 panels with national and international stakeholders in the security-related matters. First panel can be open and accessible to media and other panels in the framework of Chattam House discussion. This workshop will aim to share the experience of different stakeholders, including international missions, donors and organizations in Kosovo as well as the national institutions in the security area.

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Making Prevention, Early Warning & Peacebuilding Effective: Lessons Learned, What Works in the Field and Core Skills Workshop

October 2-6 2017
To be determined
Organiser: PATRIR

Making Prevention, Early Warning & Peacebuilding Effective is a hands-on, practical program developing from the project’s work on creating sub-curricula on peacebuilding, prevention and early warning. Created in cooperation with the International Peace and Development Training Centre (IPDTC) of PATRIR – a member of the Peace Training consortium – the program will bring together policy makers, experts and practitioners from governments, the EU, UN, and local, national and international organisations. Content will address key lessons learned, evidence and experience in what works and what doesn’t work, live case studies from the field, and core skills and knowledge training in prevention, peacebuilding and making early warning effective.

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Training for Peace: Training Responses to Challenges in Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding

 September 18 2017
 University of Deusto, Bilbao, Spain
Organiser: Human Rights Institute, University of Deusto, Spain

Training for Peace is a workshop dealing with the current challenges in CPPB training identified by international and local actors involved in peacebuilding processes. The workshop brings together relevant experts and trainers from different peacebuilding sectors (political, military, human rights, humanitarian and local civil society) to elaborate on training gaps and advance future formative responses. The workshop is specially aimed at bringing together trainers and CPPB practitioners.

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Innovations in Peace Training: Improving Performance Capacity and Operational Competency in the Field Webinar

August 22 2017
Organiser:  KU LEUVEN

The Innovations in Peace Training webinar, developed in partnership with the Alliance for Peacebuilding (AfP) will explore key innovations in the field of training and preparation of people working in peacebuilding and prevention from both within the peace training field and what we can learn from other fields. Leading experts in peace training and peacebuilding from key organisations and training centres will come together with leaders in performance development from companies, sports, humanitarian and development fields, and other sectors. The theme is to identify and discuss key innovations which can improve the quality, capability and performance capacity or operational competency of those working in peacebuilding.


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New Technologies and E-Innovations in Peace Training: How can information and communication technologies and e-approaches enhance peace training and support building capacity and practitioners in the field Webinar

August 24 2017
Organiser:  PATRIR

This webinar will be held in partnership with the Alliance for Peacebuilding (AfP), and will explore how ICTs and e-platforms can contribute to peace training and improving performance competency in the field. Focus will be both on what’s being done now and what could be done looking at the frontiers of technology innovation and development. Leading experts from the peacebuilding and peace training field will be joined by experts and innovators in information and communication technologies and other fields where web-based and ICT tools are used to support training, professional development, and improving performance ability to do in the field.


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