Over the last ten years, the Commission has become increasingly active in the field of Conflict Prevention and Peace Building (CPPB). This involvement is likely to increase further over the years to come and a more extensive use of the articles 42 to 46 on the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) of the Treaty on European Union.

The project will fulfill the agenda as laid out by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 strategy and review current understandings and training approaches relating to conflict prevention and peace building and  develop recommendations for new training methods in the field of military and civilian conflict prevention and peace building.

Being a coordination and support action (CSA), the project needs to achieve high visibility across Europe and beyond, in order to enhance the preparedness and skills of personnel for conflict prevention and peace keeping missions especially in high risk countries, thus contributing to more efficient and effective conflict prevention and peace keeping missions.


Review current understanding and training related to Conflict Prevention and Peace Building (CPPB) Trainings.


Analyse existing CPPB training curricula across Europe by running a multi-perspective exploration.


Involve CPPB experts and actors along all project phases via surveys, interviews, and focus groups.


Develop novel training methods in the field of CPPB with e-approaches and create a multidimensional curricula model.


Provide an interactive Web Platform to strengthen the information transfer of all project developments and future implementations.


Leverage the collaboration between the training recipients and practitioners through an intelligent pan-European and international Catalogue.


Increase awareness on CPPB channels and media across Europe through promotion of the outcomes.

PROJECT APPROACH will aggregate a comprehensive collection on the state-of-the-art in conflict prevention and peace building (CPPB) training in Europe and of the EU. Over the period of two years, the project aims to assess practices, efforts and training needs of European actors.The goal is to map out and connect stakeholders, to provide recommendations on best practices as well as innovative information and communication technology approaches to training. This analysis will determine the present gaps in current training practices in the connected fields of conflict and will develop scalable curricula recommendations to be applied in various types of trainings all over the world. The empowerment tools provided by this action will bring forward the web platform, the knowledge base and the connected tools which by a leverage approach will support the creation of a pan-European community involved in CPPB by intensively using the multidimensional model and ultimately supporting the standardisation needs in the field.